New War Games 2016

War games are among the most popular game types out there, and often, new releases are met with huge anticipation. In 2016 there are several new war games on the way, and in a few different sub genres.

A Brand New Call of Duty

gm16Possibly the most anticipated war game of 2016 is Call of Duty 2016. An official release date for this game has not yet been made public, but analysing previous releases of Call of Duty leads us to predict an early November release. Traditionally, Call of Duty has been released within the first two weeks of November, and there is no reason to think Infinity Ward will change up this routine. The final name for the game is also not yet known, but a few names are being thrown around.

As of April 2016 the most likely candidates seem to be Bloodlines, Ghosts 2 or Genesis. So far, the main series of the Call of Duty franchise, a total of 12 games released, have all involved plots centred on warfare. There are five major backdrops for the games, including World War II, Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. The game is a first-person shooter game, and although the backdrops and plots of the games vary, they all require the player to strategize and get through a relatively realistic war situation.

Humanity’s Survival On A Far Away Planet

gm17Another anticipated war game is a much more science fiction like game, which is also part of a series. Gears of War 4 is the fifth instalment in a series of third-person shooter games that are set on a fictional but Earth-like planet. The history of the planet and its society is well built up through the first four games, and protagonists and settings can be followed through the games. In the fifth Gears of War instalment the three main protagonists are Kait, JD and Del. The planet’s Coalition of Governments has now declared martial law, and the protagonists struggle against a brand new set of enemies who threaten the survival of humanity.

Be A Heroic Fighter In Medieval Times

gm18A third highly anticipated game that falls a little outside the normal boundaries of a war game is the battle game For Honor. This is a hack and slash game set in medieval times, where players engage in a one to one battle fought in melee style. The game offers three different types of fighters: Vikings, samurai and knights. Each faction of fighters has different strengths, weapons, abilities and protective measures.

The fighting is done with melee weapons, and there is the option of playing in a multiplayer mode, giving a more warlike feel to the game, as teams fight against each other. The game is designed to appeal to the same demographic that would usually go for shooter games, and has in fact been called a shooter game played with swords. Definitely a great option for going a little outside the box.