Free War Games Online

There are plenty of free war games online out there. The question is really about what your preferences are, what kind of games you like more than others. We can give you some tips, but ultimately, it is entirely up to you where you engage you time and energy.

World War Online

gm4If you are looking to start playing right away, then World War Online is probably your best choice. This is quite the complicated game, but it is absolutely free and is played through your browser. Here you will be shown a world map, divided up into small squares. Your mission is to fight difficult battles against other players and try to reach world dominance. World War Online is huge, with hundreds of thousands of players. The coolest part? There is even a yearly championship in the game, where you get to use your fully accumulated knowledge against others. Can you crush your enemies? Control your armies as efficiently as possible, and conquer new territories? Can you correctly manage cities, and make sure that your country gets all the resources needed to not only protect its borders, but to provide enough power for your army? Lots of questions, and you are the master. Give it a go – it is completely free, and, though complicated, is easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

Online Casino Games

gm5These might not be the online war games you are looking for, but they are just as much fun and equally as enticing. Modern online casinos are filled to the brim with themed slots, and some of these are themed around warfare. Spin the wheels, watch awesome animations, and unlock bonus games in order to experience the modern slots as they really are meant to be experienced. All online casinos provide you with play money, so you really just need to create an account. Also, you could actually win some real funds by using the opportunities some online casinos provide. See if you manage to get some free spins out of the operator you choose – this could be your shortcut to riches!

Using free spins, you are able to win money without spending money. Yup, it is that simple. Free spins are absolutely free, and if you win some prizes, they are yours to keep. Some online slot machines with war themes even have a progressive jackpot. These could turn you into a millionaire, without you having to deposit anything. Check out for free spins on registration. For no deposit needed campaigns. Just remember that you have to be at least eighteen years old to play them. If you are underage, it is best to wait. Even if you win, the online casino will ask you to confirm your age, and if you are unable to do so, they will take back all winnings.

Battle Dawn

gm6Are you into sci-fi? Then Battle Dawn is a cool option for you. This is a free, online war game that takes place in the future. There are three types of worlds for you to explore, with many different battles and numerous ways of conquering new territories. Use diplomacy, strategy and other means of acquiring more might. The best part? Battle Dawn is played in the browser, using Flash technology. Build up your army, and battle against players from all over the world. With the possibilities for chatting with your competitors, you could even be looking at making some new friends all into the same hobby as you. How cool is that?