Best Online Wargames

One constant in the world is war… on any level. Personal obsession for war games stems from the need to experience simulated action, whether it may be piloting a fighter jet, being in command, a raging army going into battle or just mopping up some insurgency with a lethal weapon.

  1. Birth of America 2

gm7This game platform takes after the American Revolutionary War and the Indian and French war of 1754-63. General Winter is the most significant of all the numerous historical leaders. In this game, exposure is more prominent as a killing mechanism than musket balls, and lopsided forces scurry back to their place of abode when the temperature gets low. A few quirks aside, it is a captivating game which aims to delight and entertain.

  1. Battle of Britain 2

gm8Not the best when it comes to providing visual aesthetics like Spitfires, landscape and even those fluffy white clouds, however that is not all it takes to make an awesome game. One of the best experiences is the feeling the power of angling the nose of a BoB2 warplane at a menagerie of Luftwaffe bombers and blasting them out of the sky. Look out at your six for the legion of Bf 109s. Dread them, fear them…feel the adrenaline rush and dispatch them with ease to the dark side.

Oh boy! Aren’t we thankful that the designers threw in some much-needed improvements which catapulted this one benign game into a powerhouse of its time? The aesthetics of this WWII simulated flight combat game can now stand up to scrutiny from anything in its class.

  1. Close Combat 2: A Bridge too far

gm9These new-fangled dangle games are no match for this intrepid combat series. Top-down tactics are the underpinning of the true-to-form action adventure war game. Credible action and viciously authentic psychosomatic simulation are boldly combined to exact a giddy response from players.

Close Combat debuted in 1996. This real-time tactical allows you, the player and commander, to control the battalion size, support weaponry and ammunition that you want. Each tactical unit has a limited amount of ammo and this simulates close encounter fighting. If your battalion are a bunch of lily-livered pansies, be sure you will not survive. What is interesting to note is that the geographical location changes to simulate intense fighting over mountains, beaches, forests and other landscaped features.

  1. Combat Mission: Battle of Normandy

gm10Extended contact with this delight will make you oblivious to any other war game in its class. After a couple of months viewing CMBN’s death tractors trade ammunition, the crap that is pawned off as armoured warfare elsewhere will appear excruciatingly rudimentary. Battlefront tactics are shown very realistically. The way a bomb removal engineer approaches a UXB, the weapon aptitudes and infantry configurations are all highly specialized. Great strides have been made in artillery and infantry simulations, and the shortcomings of this game are easily digestible considering the quality of combat simulation.

  1. Command Ops

gm11All war games go under the assumption that players are control freaks and leaders with righteous indignations toward simulants in the virtual world. More often than not, they are right. However,, Command Ops has deviated from the norm. You can distribute commands on a division by division basis. However, it is far more exciting and less draining to issue instructions through subsidiary headquarters. Should the new system show impracticalities, bases are clever enough to rework at the drop of a hat.

  1. DCS World

gm12Most great flight simulation workrooms have now kicked the bucket. However, the ones making the most noise are Muscovites Eagle Dynamics. Lately, they have expounded on their imitation limits, becoming artists in their own right. Third party creators have been entrusted with creating a more realistic blue yonder, and add-ons like the Eagle Dynamic Black Shark, have been linked to the creators of the Sabres. If your interest lies with extremely realistic avionics and excellent cockpit recreations, then this is your true love.

  1. Enemy Engage: Comanche & Hokum

gm13Enemy Engage is a joint service, real-time helicopter simulation game. The gamer is the pilot in an attack helicopter. The pilot is not confined to one separate and predefined mission and gets to see the battle play out across the entire battlefield. The player mission changes on the fly to simulate real world situations including intelligence gathering and simple transfers.

Players get to engage all aspects of the gaming platform and use their intelligence to operate their aircraft using terrain cover and stealth characteristics of the copter. The simulated battle integrates into 3D seamlessly and is equipped to support multiple pilots.

  1. Flashpoint Campaign: Red storm

gm14Flashpoint Campaign is low to medium on the complexity metre. The field of play is warlike field combat and is based on the Warsaw Pact 1980 -1989. Every combat situation is different and players are allowed to take as many turns as they wish.