War Games Online

The idea of engaging in war games as a hobby War has become very popular. Unfortunately, some take it too far – but that is how it goes with most things. Some people can’t handle ideas, information and knowledge. Mostly, though, war games are just like all other games. They remain in the head of the player, and are extremely fun to play. At the same time, they can provide interesting information about how wars actually take place – how they are controlled, how battles are fought, orders given, positions decided upon, different strengths assessed, etc.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most enticing war games on the Internet:

Red Crucible: Firestorm

gmIf you are looking to play an online war game, are willing to pay a small amount for the fun you’ll experience, and first-person shooters are your thing, then this is the best game you could possibly find. Red Crucible gives you insight into many aspects of war, and you can compete online against friends. Basically, this is the perfect combination of first-person shooter, war game and MMORPG. The infamous Rocketeer Games Studio is behind this treat of a war game. Hence, you can look forward to the best of both worlds.

World of Warships

gm2The most historic and greatest battles have been fought on land. However, at the same time, plenty of important battles have taken place on the sea. Battleships have been fighting for hundreds of years, and World of Warships is focusing on exactly this part of history. You can use different vessels to battle against other players, use strategies to surprise your competitors, and upgrade your ships along the way to become stronger and with more firepower.

Tom Clancy´s EndWar

gm3Ubisoft is among the most famous game developers out there, and they have entertained players around the world for many years with their awesome games. Tom Clancy´s EndWar is among the coolest online war games there is, and the story behind it is as interesting and fresh as the gameplay. Here, you get to be one of the few world powers left after World War III, battling it out in order to gain control of the few resources left on the planet. The game is modern, with plenty of functions, and there’s action from start to finish, that is, if you even manage to finish it, since you will be playing against other players via the Internet and the game could go on for some time.

There are many other online war games, and you can even play them from your PlayStation or Xbox. Some of them cost money; others are free to play. Most have to be downloaded, but there are also online versions that you can play in your browser. The best part of war games is the knowledge they provide. With so many villains in this world, it is crucial to possess enough knowledge to take the right side when a conflict begins. Playing a couple of war games online could provide you with the necessary information to make that judgment call. Also, it might give you a deeper understanding of the dynamics of wars – what they are fought for, and how they will evolve. War is always bad, but as long as you fight on the side of right, the side that the good guys always pick, you might just end up being a hero.